Goals. People say it all the time: "That's goals!" First of all, that doesn't even make grammatical sense (or literal sense, or any sense at all). "Relationship goals!" *screechy, high-pitch, jealousy ridden male or female voice. Everyone has goals, and it seems like everyone wants to inherit the goals of others. Ambition involves wanting things … Continue reading Ambition.


Maine in Winter

In the previous post, I went over how Maine rocks in the summer. Oppositely, winters in Maine can be exceedingly brutal. The snow falls in buckets and the temperatures can drop well below freezing (and below zero). It is easy to see why Maine's population sky-rockets in the summer and then drops come late fall. … Continue reading Maine in Winter

Counter-Consumerism and the Importance of Deliberate Living

I recently watched a documentary entitled "Minimalism: A Documentary on the Important Things." This film explored and toyed with the idea of living a minimalist lifestyle; this directly relating to the fact that consumerism, especially in America, has become something of an epidemic with epic consequences. The main characters were Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan … Continue reading Counter-Consumerism and the Importance of Deliberate Living

Writing in a World Wherein Nobody Wants to Read

A writer does not lead a coveted lifestyle.  A writer’s life is messy and full of mistakes.  Drafts after drafts after drafts, and I don’t mean beer (well, maybe sometimes).  To be a writer is to fail over and over again.  The best writers are the masters of failure.  Learning from failure, in all facets … Continue reading Writing in a World Wherein Nobody Wants to Read