The 2016 Debacle (Election)

So I’m just going to rip the band-aid off quick and clean: Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. As I type this I am fighting off shutters, cold sweats, and the urge to go outside and kick a pigeon. But the the fact is that it happened. Its done. I can’t say I’m happy about it, but there isn’t anything I or anyone in America can do to change it. However, there are ways we can deal with it. We must continue to stand for our beliefs and not compromise ourselves as human-beings. We must fight the urges to attack one another because of differing views. The last thing we need is hostility because there is already too much of that. Donald Trump is our president, but that does not mean that we need to change a thing.

Since I am over in Europe and more specifically the United Kingdom, I have not been inundated with television ads and other forms of media surrounding the election. I must say that I have enjoyed being away from all of that, however I did my best to stay informed. This proved to be fairly easy with social media and the vested interest that British folks have in our presidential race. The faces of the candidates were all over British news-sources amongst other issues that have been ongoing here (such as Brexit and transportation strikes). This election, more than any other it would seem, has had a global following. And, in my opinion, the outcome will have global impacts. If Donald Trump continues with his foreign policies our international relations will take a major hit, affecting our standing as a world power and those who are under our protection.

Due to Britain’s interest in our presidential race, I thought I might interview someone and get a first-hand perspective from a British person. In talking to one such person, I got a response that I quite frankly expected: “It’s mad.” They thought that the whole thing was completely insane, and the fact that Trump was elected was just the icing on the whole bloody cake.

As I talked more with them, it was evident that a candidate such as Donald Trump never would have made it as a candidate in the U.K. In fact, he wouldn’t have lasted more than a few weeks. He would have been laughed out of the race. He may have had a microscopic group of supporters from a few extreme conservatives, but other than that the people of the U.K. would have not taken him seriously.

My interviewee made an interesting point about the post-election status of Trump. She said that she believes that he may be retracting some of what he previously said to soften his opposition. I think this is true. Now that he is in office he is trying to garner more support, and as we have seen, he will say just about anything to do that.

Another good point that she made is that Americans, Brits, and just about the entire world is now on the edge of their seats waiting for his next move. There has been speculation and some talk of what he will do, but nothing has been done yet. My interviewee thinks that he may try to do something “nice” or “good” to preface later actions that might not be as benign.

But who knows? The man is apt to do just about anything is seems like.

In discussing Hillary Clinton as a candidate, she re-iterated what I believe to be true: Donald Trump didn’t win, Hillary lost. For some reason she just could not gather the support necessary. To me this is sad and I wish the Democratic party could have found a more popular candidate.

During my interview one thing was quite clear: British people in general were quite shocked that he was elected. Some even find it slightly funny. And who can blame them? For me as an American it is embarrassing that a man as racist, misogynistic, unfiltered, and unprofessional as Donald Trump could be elected president, or even be nominated for that matter. And the rest of the world is laughing at the seeming naivety of America.

But it is not funny. It is scary.

As more and more reports come out about members of Donald Trumps ticket being openly racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic one can not help but feel a certain tension in the air. Even if Trump or those close to him do nothing to act upon their beliefs or alleged beliefs, there are those out there who now feel at liberty to express themselves. There has been writing on walls and cars with racial slurs and violent messages. All with the same name associated with them “Trump.” Whether Donald Trump will do anything good for America or not, he has already instilled a new feeling in Americans, and it is not a good feeling.

I would like to end this on a positive note, because for a lot of people this election has been highly negative. I was talking to my brother recently and he had some really interesting points that he made after talking to some of his political science professors at his school. He told me this:


“there are a lot of good things about this outcome that most people don’t see. One being that the Republican Party is exposed as being very flawed. This is good because it’s going to provoke a massive rebuilding within the party. Us as millennials can now be part of something very big, the reunification and rebuilding of a better system and a better America. That’s something that can be very exciting.”


He went on to say how Trump being elected has exposed other flaws with American’s ways of thinking in general and that in the long run this could be for the better.

I like what he had to say about it. I think that it is an incredibly positive outlook. I have to agree with him as well. Even though right now the near future seems grim, this could be a step backward in order to take multiple forward. Perhaps Trump can be a wake-up call for America. Perhaps he can incite change, not the change that he intended, but change that will benefit America and the American mindset for generations to come.

I know that many in my generation are upset by this election, and rightly so. Donald Trump is a horrible human-being who surrounds himself with other horrible human-beings. But let’s try and remain hopeful. Lets not fall into the trap of attack, hate, and anger. Let’s try and continue to foster positivity and work towards our future. Because we are the rising generation. We are the world now. As we reach maturity, we are the ones that will begin having the greatest impact.

Do not squander.

Do not hide.

Do not hate.

Do not wallow.

Do not despair.

Press on.



2 thoughts on “The 2016 Debacle (Election)

  1. These are strange times indeed – and while I try to find something positive to hold on to from this election, it continues to be a struggle but as you say, we must keep moving on, moving forward!

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  2. Very well said, and I am proud of you and your views. What has happened this election may in time have its rewards, but Americans must work, and pray together in peace and not hate. I believe God has a plan for us, but we must help him achieve his goal. Take care dear, and will see you soon. I love you, Meme

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