A Short Reflection Coupled with an Anecdote

To all who have been reading this blog I'm not sure if this is what you expected. It certainly didn't turn out the way I expected. If you were along for my European ride you know that my writing took on a much different shape back then. What started as an outlet for regurgitating my thoughts and … Continue reading A Short Reflection Coupled with an Anecdote

A Leap

In the distance I could see it. It was there, gliding silently across glassy water. At first there were just fleeting glimpses, mere hints of a reality so shrouded that it could barely be thought true. But, I knew that it was there, that once the fog lifted I would be able to see more … Continue reading A Leap


You"ll have to excuse me. It may feel as though this entry is a bit late, but when you're camping nearly everyday and driving in between those wilderness destinations, it is hard to find the time or the internet connection necessary to make my thoughts and experiences public. I hope anyone reading this has not become perturbed at the tardiness of my writing. But, if you have found … Continue reading Heat